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Career Planning for Women with Criminal Convictions

Career Planning for People with a Criminal Conviction workbook will help you to develop the skills needed to obtain employment.  This workbook focuses on four important steps in the career planning process: Assess YourselfCreate A Plan and Set GoalsFind a Job, and Manager Your Career.

The purpose of the workbook and transition class is to help job seekers become more prepared and confident with the job search process and have a successful transition back into the community.

Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills

The free online Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills is a comprehensive e-learning course that helps develop the key skills needed by the participants re-entering the modern workforce, and studying this course will give them the confidence to apply for work positions that are of interest to them. Advanced Diploma course will be of great interest to all participants to gain the necessary skills to re-enter the modern workforce and gain meaningful and long-term employment


Federal Bonding Referral

Some job seekers are considered high risk, which hinders their ability to become commercially bonded. The Federal Bonding program assists these job seekers in securing employment by providing employers a free fidelity bond on their behalf. Without this bond, the job seeker’s inability to become bonded by an insurance company decreases the chances of them obtaining a job.( The bonding process begins after an official job offer has been made by an employer.)

life skills

Life Skills

Participants focus on maintaining and developing life skills focusing on issues and areas that directly affect how women make choices and live their lives. Meeting consist of goal setting, listening and communication skills, healthy relationships, and sustaining the change.

financial literacy

Financial Literacy

Re-entering society requires finding a job, keeping the job, and learning how to manage the money earned. Establishing a solid financial foundation is essential to being able to afford housing, ensure transportation to and from work, access skills to earn a higher-paying job, and do more than just get by day-to-day. The key to this workshop is to encourage participants to take important steps to re-establish themselves financially so they can ease stress and contribute to their families and society.

Job Placement Referral

Women at the Well-Broward has formed a strategic partnership with a Staffing agency that allow job seekers to gain accessibility to jobs that are not known to the public.


Looking for Health Insurance Assistance?

The H.I.R.E. (Health Improvement for Re-entering Ex-offenders) Program offers the following support in eligibility processing for:

  • Application assistance for food stamps
  • Discounted phone service
  • Florida KidCare, Healthy Kids
  • Grants
  • Medicaid, including Medicaid PSN and Medicaid HMOs
  • Temporary cash is also available for qualifying applicants
  • Utilities

Next Steps....

Thank you for your interest in our reentry programs. Our Re-Entry Program's mission is to help incarcerated women make a transition from prison to society, and successfully reintegrate female ex-offenders into the workforce by sustaining a lifestyle that will prevent them from re-incarceration.

Women at the Well-Broward re-entry services begin 6-12 months before she is released from prison or jail and up to 5 years after being released.

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