Women Re-Entry Programs

Major Objectives of the Women Empowered Behind Walls(WEBW) and NewWoman Program (NEW)

  • Promote aspects of a successful reentry that involve solutions to barriers affecting formerly incarcerated women.
  • Encourage the utilization of all available resources to advance opportunities, reduce recidivism and to foster empowerment of criminal justice-involved women who do not share equitably in society's resources.
  • Increase education, job, college and career readiness training regarding those aspects that pertain to, but are not limited to, housing, employment, voting, entrepreneurship and to support increasing post-secondary education opportunities for all women.
  • Encourage criminal justice-involved women to develop a measure of self-efficacy for all law-abiding behavior that avoids the confounding of self-efficacy with these other constructs.

The New Woman

Women are released every day from jails and prisons in need of hope, help, food, clothing, or support. Women at the Well-Broward provides women with all of this without judgment over their conviction. We strive to mentor and educate women in need of life-skills development tools leading toward self-sufficiency. To support the journey to living productive lives.

Our mission is to reduce recidivism by women whose lives have been affected by incarceration and social barriers by providing avenues that lead to self-sufficiency, education, sustainability, and employment.

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Women Empowered Behind Walls: Ensuring a Successful Return to the Community

Reducing recidivism starts while women offenders are incarcerated. We offer job searches, mock interviews, resume writing services. We also provide materials to empower and prepare the women for their return home and workforce.

We strongly encourage women to obtain their GED during their incarceration if they do not ave their high school diploma. It is difficult to find a job without a high school education, and it is impossible to support oneself and a family on a minimum-wage job.

Education and job skills can be very valuable to the inmate when combined with other programming that helps build a sense of self.

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Preparing Women Prisoners for their Return Home

Learn how to help a love one come home, to never return back to prison or jail!


"Starting the journey home must begin with a clear plan."