Support for Kin Caregivers of Children Whose Parents Are Incarcerated During the Holidays


When mothers go to prison, most children go to live with grandparents. These grandparents, who have already raised one generation, must now adjust their lives and become the primary caregivers of another generation.

The caregiver's job is a difficult one with many new realities and hardships. Often they need to perform as both mother and father to a child with a parent in prison, teaching skills and caring for them in ways the absent parent would have done.

Now, they must also cope with finding ways to share space in their home and stretch already limited resources.(Excerpt Prisonfellowship)

December Holiday Turkey Drive

The Problem

A large percentage of children of incarcerated parents are cared for by the other parent or other relatives during parental incarceration; these caregivers face multiple challenges including financial and food insecurity during the holidays.

Promising Practices

Identify and defray the costs for relative caregivers and their children, especially for senior caregivers by providing a Holiday Turkey Dinners.

A turkey evokes the joy of the holidays and a lifetime of family memories.


You can donate a gift card to use to buy a turkey from a grocery store.

You can donate $45 to provide a Holiday dinner for a family of 4 (Turkey, Pie and canned/fresh veggies/Sides)

Your tax-deductible donation will help provide meals to 50 families this Holiday season.